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Your Style


Controls are strong-willed, independent-thinkers who are focused on the big picture. They seek certainty, are future-oriented and pretty sure their ideas are right. Controls don’t often have a lot of time for chit chat but they do love telling other people what to do.



Enthusiastic, talkative and stimulating, Influences are go, go, go! They keep things moving and are often the most fun person in the room, able to create relationships quickly and easily. Influences crave freedom, so they tend to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.


Powers are diligent and dependable, naturals at building long-lasting relationships. Their near-term focus and production mindset drives them to take on lots of tasks, making sure sure all of the work gets done. Powers are often the glue holding teams together.


Authorities stand for quality and hate wasting time and money. They are rational, disciplined and orderly with an unmatched attention to detail. They readily identify areas for improvement and always make sure that their teams are working on the right things.