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Find it challenging to drive implementation? No matter the obstacle to success, we help you find the KERAGE to move forward.

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Suggested Course Flow

The Best Way to Learn our Methodology

We suggest you start out with the Breakdown Recovery Course as it sets the foundation of how to work through the inevitable challenges that come with having ambitious intentions, like learning and growth in business. Form there, move on to the Styles Courses from 1 through 4. These courses will give you a better understanding of the different biological Styles people have and how to work towards understanding and working with everyone in the best ways to both create value and build trust.

About US

How We Work.

​Our approach is to find, document, implement, and track the changes that deliver big positive results, quickly.

Even your best ideas mean very little without implementation; and a plan for implementation that isn’t focused on your best idea will lead to wasted resources. Makes sense, right?

In business, ideas (i.e. strategies) are often things we talk about once a year, or write 5 year plans about, and then file away in a drawer never to be visited again.

And implementation (i.e. operations)? Well, that’s just a bunch of day-to-day tactics that we complete on auto-pilot because the work showed up on our desk and that must mean it needs to be done.

This is what leads us to feel busy in our “hamster wheel” of a workday, and often times compromises the desired results of our businesses.

Through years of experience and work with a variety of tools, we have developed a dynamic approach to match needs and drive value quickly in business.​


Frequently Asked

Why can't I access all courses?

Courses are unlocked in sequence based on your team leaders request. You may need to complete another course before gaining access or there may be a timeline when the course will be available to you.

How do the points work?

Each lesson has 1 engagement question and each engagement question counts for 1 point.

I completed a course but don't see it marked completed in my profile.

In order for a course to be tracked as completed, you must click the red “Mark Complete” button on the last page of each course.