Our Course Offerings

Breakdown Recovery

Understanding the role intentions play in breakdown recovery and learning to embrace breakdowns as essential stepping-stones in your career.

Styles 1: The Fundamentals of Styles

In this Course we: Explore where Styles come from; Examine the brain science behind Styles; Share our mapping system; Discuss a number of strengths and …

Styles 2: How to use Styles for Personal Development

In this Course we: Learn the methodology behind the Style Indicator; Understand your Indicator results; Learn principles for professional development…

Styles 3: How to build better relationships using Styles

6 Lessons

In this Course, through 7 different lessons, you will learn how to use Styles as a powerful tool for connecting with others and building real trust in your relationships to become even more successful in the Game of Business.

Styles 4: Identifying and working better with other Styles 

In this Course, through 7 different lessons, you will learn an easy approach to Style Identification and how to work better with each of the Styles, making you a better player at the Game of Business.

Course Format



Each course consists of a video lesson that is 4 minutes or less



Each lesson has 1 engagement question to help you integrate your learning



Each lesson page provides access to material you can download (and print if you desire)


Completing a Course

Once you reach the end of a course be sure to mark it complete